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When renovating your kitchen, i hope you keep in mind just a single fact, that is "to make your kitchen all-time favorite with a timeless-design". Off course that's the best approach i can go for as well. But what if we add a little amount of color to your kitchen that would be replaceable.

This color add a fresh feel to your kitchen and make it a little more loveable work area. You can paint a single wall or back splash of your kitchen to the color of your desire or either put different colorful accessories that you can replace after times. There are pretty cool ways to add color to your kitchen. Let me guide you a little more.

Idea 1: Color one of your kitchen wall

Paint kitchen backsplash

Idea 2: Install colored lights

Colored Kitchen Lights

Idea 3: Add colored kitchen chairs

Add Color to kitchen

Idea 4: Paint your wooden spoons

Add Color to kitchen

Idea 5: Paint your kitchen flower pots

Add Color to kitchen

Idea 6: Add some colored tiles in backslash

Add Color to kitchen


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  • Jolie Angie

    Jolie Angie

    15 January 2014 at 02:57 |
    I love doing a little color myself in the kitchen, specially on clay pots.

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